Wildflower All Natural Pure Raw Honey

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  • TASTE BUD VIBES: Complex and sweet, well-rounded and balanced.
  • PAIRINGS: This all-around honey rock star can be used in a variety of cooking dishes because of it's multi-floral sources. Try wildflower honey over ice cream or even drizzle it over brussel sprouts to get the kids to eat them. It's sweet, complex and oh so yummy!
  • RECIPE: Lime Honey Skillet Corn

Gypsy Shoals Farm 7 oz. Wildflower Honey is the result of the nectar the bees have collected throughout the entire foraging season from their first Spring trips out of the hive until the time the honey is collected and extracted in late Fall. For this reason, wildflower honey is also called multi-floral (or poly-floral) honey.

Gypsy Shoals Farm 7 oz. Wildflower Honey is never filtered or heated during the bottling process, so it retains all of the health and allergy relief properties that honey seekers are looking for. Wildflower honey is a beautiful smooth blend that makes a delicious and well rounded honey choice for your kitchen.

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