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The Exotic & Magical Indo Asian Ayam Cemani

g Gypsy Shoals Farm breeds one bird, and one bird only. The beautifully exotic and extremely rare Indonesian ayam cemanis.

The Ayam Cemani is ultra exclusive for a number of different reasons. The obvious one is their all black pigmentation. This includes their skin, bones, plumage, mouths, tongues and yes- even their internal organs. However the Ayam Cemanis' sleek unusual appearance is equally irresistible for exotic bird owners and breeders who desire the most exclusive chickens for their flocks. The Ayam Cemani's extraordinary ink black plumage shimmers with a metallic sheen of brilliant teal, beetle green and purple that is truly commanding. When an ayam cemanis feathers shimmer in the sunlight, it reminds me of a labradorite crystal.

We are an NPIP Certified Independent Hatchery in the Great State of Alabama. (NPIP# 65-1859) and can ship Nationwide.

What Makes Us Different?
Buying from a boutique independent ayam cemani hatchery ensures you of a few things:

Unlike other independent hatcheries you'll find on the internet, we breed ayam cemanis and only ayam cemanis. This allows us to focus on the highest quality not quantity.

Our breeding program is built on a solid foundation of two different high quality and reputable Ayam Cemani bloodlines. In procuring two entirely different bloodlines, we are able to focus on lifting up the best qualities in each bloodline to breed beautiful, strong, healthy birds in our ayam cemani program. Only a very select handful of US breeders are taking the care to do this.

Our ayam cemanis are like family and are given the 5-star treatment. We live here too, so clean, strong, well adjusted demeanor and healthy, disease free ayam cemanis are our top priority.

We are members of the ACBA (Ayam Cemani Breeders Association) and are passionate about elevating the best qualities in the ayam cemani breed to preserve the authenticity of this exotic breed.