Humane Treatment of Animals

We are animal lovers, protectors and guardians! Gypsy Shoals Farm is a sprawling and picture perfect 9 acres on Weiss Lake with a 2,500 square foot electric and plumbed barn where our flocks live in what would be considered “poultry estates”. Even our ayam cemanis free range in their own separated VIP yards.

We are extremely selective of the ayam cemanis that are included in our breeding program. If an ayam cemani is deemed to not meet our standards of excellence, he or she is moved over to one of the farm family flocks. We do not “cull” in the traditional sense of killing. We relocate them to the “island of misfit toys” (the family flock) to live happy healthy and long lives here on the farm.

The only time that we “cull” in the traditional sense of killing a bird is if the bird is sick, suffering and dying. Euthanizing the bird is the humane and responsible thing to do.