Emu Chicks and Hatching Eggs for Sale

Emu hatching eggs are shipped USPS Priority with instructions on how to incubate them. Emu chicks are only available for local pick-up. This is because their legs can often be injured in shipping.

Welcome to the wonderful world of emus! These beautiful "thunder chickens" originate from the continent of Australia and actually are not poultry at all. They are ratites. Ratites are flightless birds and emus share this category with others such as the ostrich, casowary, rhea and kiwi.

These curious and amuzing creatures are a joy to watch as they run, explore and wiggle all over the yard. Hand raised emus are very sociable creatures and love human attention so interacting with your emu chicks regularly is an important step to ensure your emus are manageable when they reach maturity.

With all the fun and games they provide, there are special considerations when owning an emu.

  • Emus live to be approximately 30 years old in captivity so please take this into consideration when you begin your emu ownership journey. 
  • Fencing needs to be at least 5 feet high to ensure the safety and confinement of your feathered friend.
  • Emus love to run! Give them plenty of space to stretch their legs.
  • Emu females will not start laying eggs until they reach maturity at age 18-24 months.
  • The female emu chooses her male breeding partner. It is always better to have more males than females if your goal is to breed them at maturity in case she rejects mating with one male.

Gypsy Shoals Farm acquired our first pair of emus in 2020 and an additional trio of adults in 2023. Our breeding stock is unrelated and we DNA sex all hatched chicks to ensure you get a breeding pair if so desired.