Tree of Life Rainbow Dream Catcher

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Unveil the enchanting mystique of Native Indian tradition with our Tree of Life Rainbow Dream Catcher. Crafted with love and care, this exquisite piece of art will not only adorn your home but also cradle your nights in a world of good dreams.

In the rich tapestry of Native Indian history, the dream catcher played a vital role in warding off nightmares. These beautiful creations were suspended above sleeping spaces, where the gentle morning light could work its magic. Legend has it that the intricately woven web at the center of the hoop acted as a guardian, trapping the unsettling dreams while allowing the sweet ones to gracefully slip through, guided by the delicate feathers.

Measuring a perfect 6 inches in width and extending to a graceful 16 inches in length, our Tree of Life Rainbow Dream Catcher is a captivating statement piece for any room. Hang it above your bed, in your living space, or even in your little one's nursery, and let its vibrant colors and age-old charm transport you to a realm of peaceful slumber.

Embrace the legacy of the dream catcher and let this exquisite piece help you chase away the nightmares, making room only for the sweetest dreams to find their way to you. Order now and weave a tapestry of good dreams in your home today!

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