Poultry Pyramid® Roost Proof Bling Top 5-Gallon Bucket Cover (Black)

  • $22.85

Say goodbye to one of those dreaded chicken care tasks forever with the Poultry Pyramid®. Our patent-pending innovative anti-roost design ensures that chickens won't be perching on your 5-gallon buckets anymore.

Crafted to fit both standard and gamma bucket lids, the Poultry Pyramid® offers a roost-proof solution that maintains the cleanliness of your feeders, waterers, and other items stored in a 5-gallon bucket. The smooth, durable plastic sides prevent chickens from finding a footing, making cleaning a breeze whenever necessary.

An added advantage is that rainwater will no longer accumulate on the lids of your 5-gallon buckets, as it effortlessly cascades down the sides of the Poultry Pyramid.

Enhancing not only functionality but also charm, the crystal finial atop the Poultry Pyramid® introduces a touch of whimsy to your chicken yard. It also serves a dual purpose as a convenient knob, allowing for easy, one-handed removal of the roost-proof Poultry Pyramid from the bucket's top. This user-friendly feature ensures hassle-free access while infusing a hint of shabby chic farmhouse style into your setup.

The Poultry Pyramid® is proudly Made in the USA and was designed as the result of our personal quest for roost-proof solutions in the chicken yard on Gypsy Shoals Farm. Upgrade your chicken care routine today with the practicality and style of the Poultry Pyramid. Enjoy a roost-proof and hassle free chicken yard.

Note: The Poultry Pyramid® fits on top of your existing 5-gallon (standard or gamma) bucket lid. It does not replace your lid. Bucket and lid not included.

  • Measurements: 10.5” diameter x 7.5” height
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
  • Available in black or white.

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