Emu Fertilized Hatching Eggs

  • $100.00


Emu hatching eggs are now available on Gypsy Shoals Farm! Pricing in this listing is for one egg.

All emu hatching eggs are shipped USPS Priority mail within 72 hours of your purchase (no shipping on Sunday). Sales are final and non-refundable on hatching eggs due to the multitude of factors out of our control that effect hatch rate. Emu eggs damaged in shipment will be refunded upon contact within 24 hours of receiving your shipment.

Our emu breeding pairs are from different genetics to ensure you receive the healthiest chicks and highest hatch rates.

Hatching rates depend on a variety of factors including the type of incubator, humidity, turn rates and temperature just to name a few. We do not guarantee hatch rates, but can share our own: Gypsy Shoals Farm uses GQF cabinet incubators for the emus that we hatch out and we achieve an 85% hatch rate with our emu chick hatching eggs.

Our emus are living their best life on a 6-acre free range pasture with their family of alpacas, goats and a donkey. We currently do not have any blondes. Your emu eggs are for standard color emus.

We live here too so our farm is always clean and disease free. We are also tested by the state every 6 months to maintain our NPIP certification. In short, your emus come from a quality program where the adults are healthy and well fed with proper nutrition and care.

📌Fertilized eggs are available for shipping but emu chicks are pick-up only.

📌Fertilized emu eggs will be marked with the date they were collected and shipped via USPS Priority Mail to your address within 24 hours of purchase (except Sundays and USPS Holidays).

📌Please understand there is no guarantee of hatch with your purchase because many factors affect whether a chick successfully reaches full development in the egg. These include everything from how they are handled, turning frequency, humidity, temperature and a myriad of other subtle things that come into factor during the incubation process. For this reason, all sales are final.

📌If emu eggs are damaged in shipment, a replacement or refund will be issued under the following conditions.

  1. The damage should be reported to your local post office and noted with that tracking number record upon receipt of the damaged shipment.
  2. Photos of both the damaged box and broken eggs should be provided.
  3. An email should be sent to us within 24 hours to resolved this matter for you.

If you have never incubated emu eggs before, there are several tutorials on YouTube that show you how to do so in a traditional, commercial cabinet incubator as well as hatching one or two in a common hobby hatcher dome model like the Brinsea Eco-Glo and the Harris Farms Nurture Right Incubators. Emu eggs average 600 grams so you will need an incubator that can accommodate their large size.

Hatching emus is a lot easier than hatching chicken eggs in some ways. For one, they are not as humidity sensitive as chicken eggs, requiring only 30-35% humidity for incubation. The shells are also a lot harder so they are less fragile. The unfortunate side of hatching emu chicks is that you cannot candle the eggs because the shells are too thick for the light to penetrate. You have to wait until you see the eggs wiggle or hear a little whistle inside (emu chicks don’t chirp, they whistle) before you know if your fertilized emu egg developed.


  • Incubation Time: 50-60 days
  • Incubator Temperature: 97.5F
  • Incubator Humidity: 30-35%
  • Turning: 3-4 times per day at a ½ turn each time

  • Lockdown Date: Day 40
  • Lockdown Temperature: 97.5F (no change)
  • Lockdown Humidity: 30-35% (no change)
  • Turning: Do NOT turn eggs during lockdown

Your eggs will also come with detailed instructions on how to hatch your emu chicks from the time you open the box until you put them in the brooder. We will include some additional information to help you prepare for housing your hatched chicks and fostering their development through each stage to adulthood.

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