DNA Sexed Emu Juveniles for Sale

  • $375.00

Only 4 left!

 **EMU JUVENILES ARE FOR PICK-UP ONLY** (please select "local pick-up" at check-out and we will contact you same day to make arrangements for pick up.)

🐣 Gypsy Shoals Farm emus are healthy, hand-raised, and full of personality. They have been nurtured in a spacious and caring environment with TONS of human interaction. Emus are known for their inquisitive nature and make for fascinating companions.

✨ Adorable and curious emu juveniles range in age from 4-18 months and you will be able to pick your teenagers out when you are here at the farm.

✨ Socialized and accustomed to human interaction

✨ Robust health and well-fed

Different from chickens, emus do not reach adult-stage, sexual maturity until they are 18-24 months old. For this reason, many owners prefer to purchase juveniles in order to reduce the amount of time they have to wait for females to lay eggs.

Gypsy Shoals Farm emus are living their best life on a 6-acre free range pasture with their family of alpacas, goats and a donkey. We currently do not have any blondes.

We live here too so our farm is always clean and disease free. We are also tested by the state every 6 months to maintain our NPIP certification. In short, your emus come from a quality program where the adults are healthy and well fed with proper nutrition and care.

📌Fertilized eggs are available for shipping but live emus are pick-up only.

📌Emu chicks are DNA sexed by Avian Biotech. Chicks with results that come back as "inconclusive" are sold  as unsexed and for a price reduced by the cost of the testing.

📌Emus live to be approximately 30 years old in captivity. Please take this into consideration when you decide to add emus to your family.

📌Emus should be secured in fencing that is at least 5 feet tall to ensure their safety and confinement. We use 4 foot fencing with  two wires above them to secure our emu mob on Gypsy Shoals Farm.

📌Emus like to run and need space to do it. Longer and narrower (like a sprint track) is better than square enclosures if you are limited on space.

📌Emus are quiet. They make wonderful pets if you live in a neighborhood because they do not crow like roosters.

📌Emus are very curious and personable creatures that will provide you and your family with endless entertainment. Socialization and regular interaction will ensure that your emus grow to be friendly and easy to handle mature adults.

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