Ayam Cemani Mature Roosters

  • $600.00

When you purchase an ayam cemani cockeral, rooster or breeding pair from Gypsy Shoals Farm, you will work closely with us and actually pick your own birds from videos and photos that we will exchange with you via email. 

Our ayam cemani cockerals / roosters (and all our ayam cemanis for that matter) are hand raised and very friendly.The ayam cemani is a friendly and social breed by nature with tons of personality; so get ready for some entertainment from these funky chickens. We spend tons of time with them, petting, talking and holding from hatch to maturity. Videos can be found on our Facebook Page. We love our ayam cemani cockerals and roos so it's hard for us to see one leave for a new home. 

By far, the largest advantage to buying a sexually mature ayam cemani rooster is that he is already feathered and colored out. You can be certain in regards to what he is going to look like for a breeding program.


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