Ayam Cemani Baby Chicks

  • $300.00

A 50% Non-Refundable Deposit is required at the time you place you order. That is the amount you are paying when you make your initial purchase through our website. The balance is due before shipment.

  • Total price for 6 ayam cemani chicks (min. order) = $600.
  • Each additional ayam cemani chick= +$80. 

Buying rare breed chicks from quality breeders is more like making a reservation with a deposit than ordering common breeds from Tractor Supply Online. This is because we are a micro farm and your chicks are "made to order" (for lack of a better term). Your eggs will be collected and once the fertilized eggs are set in the incubator, you will receive an email requesting the remaining balance due and your baby chicks will ship in 21 days! Why 21 days? Because that's how long it takes for a fertilized ayam cemani egg to develop and hatch into an ayam cemani baby chick.

There is a minimum 6 chick order requirement. We will not ship any less than 6 ayam cemani chicks because it is not healthy or safe for the baby chicks.

Unlike other breeders, the cost of shipping is included in your total price so there are no $50+ surprise shipping fees added to your chick order. Gypsy Shoals Farm works closely with customers and the USPS to coordinate chick deliveries, ensuring they arrive within a 72-hour window and that the customer is available to pick them up at a designated arrival time. Your chicks will be inspected for obvious flaws and general health, then comfortably placed in a box specifically designed for their journey to your home! 

Interesting fact: Before hatching out of the egg, baby chicks ingest the yolk and it fills their tummies with the vital nutrition and energy they need to bust out into the world and survive another few days on their journey to your home. So, there's something to be said for eating a big breakfast! And speaking of breakfast- did you know that the best thing you can feed your baby chicks when they arrive is scrambled eggs? It is! Although it may seem slightly cannibalistic to humans; scrambled eggs provide the same perfect nutrition as the yolk they ingested just before hatching. Scrambled eggs are packed with all things good for baby chicks.

​There is ALOT of mis-information about the ayam cemani breed on the internet, so we like to make sure people get the right information here. The Ayam Cemani is a very rare and exotic poultry breed from Indonesia, considered magical in their culture. They are extremely rare in the US because of the strict US regulations on imported birds. Ayam cemanis are all black. This includes their skin, meat and even their internal organs are black.  This is caused by a genetic mutation, called fibromelanosis, that the Ayam Cemani breed of poultry possess. However, contrary to what you may read on the internet- ayam cemanis do not lay black eggs and they do not have black blood.

Our Ayam Cemani breeding stock is unlike any other here in the US because we’ve done things a little differently at Gypsy Shoals Farm. As a micro farm, we really wanted to breed for the highest quality, not just to make a quick buck. As a result of much research, we diligently sought and procured two entirely different 100% pure ayam cemani bloodlines to be the foundation of our breeding program.

We carefully evaluate and select offspring for inclusion in our breeding programs based on the guidelines of the Ayam Cemani Breeders Association. This is an expensive and time-consuming series of steps aimed at establishing and then improving this most exotic poultry breed. Essentially, the process of breeding the perfect Ayam Cemani never ends.

There are many challenges that come with trying to breed the perfect bird, but one of the largest in the US is the fact that there are limited bloodlines available due to the ban on importation of poultry. Unfortunately, many large breeders started out with a 6-pack of ayam cemani chicks, then bred them to each, then to each other and their offspring, again and again. Good and bad traits passing down; choosing sales volume over quality and health of the bird. The goal at Gypsy Shoals Farm was to avoid that perpetuation. Inbreeding inherently always presents the defects multiplied later down the line.

In procuring two entirely different bloodlines, we are able to focus on lifting up the best qualities in each bloodline and eliminate any less desirable traits in our ayam cemani program. The adult ayam cemanis that qualify into our breeding program must meet strict qualifications. We adhere to the Ayam Cemani Breeders Association guidelines for the Standard of Perfection as well as the ACBA’s Code of Ethics.This is the only way we can ensure that the gene pools of these ultra-exotic birds remain pure and that the ayam cemanis available for sale are of top quality.

With that being said, the ayam cemani has its’ challenges in any breeding program. The ayam cemanis black color occurs as a result of excess pigmentation of the tissues, caused by a genetic condition known as fibro melanosis. A genetic mutation. The genetic mutation which causes ayam cemanis to “throw” all black, is completely healthy for the chicken. However, because it is a mutation, there is always that random chance that an ayam cemani can “throw” a random colored feather, white toe nail, etc. from their genetic makeup. It’s important for anyone purchasing ayam cemanis to understand this and consider how it fits their personal circumstance. If you are starting a breeding program, you will probably not get 6 perfect chicks. I never even get 6 perfect chicks. This is where that old adage “chicken math” applies. We cannot guarantee the distribution of black pigment in the offspring you receive as each chick will turn out different. It’s important to wait until your chicks have at least feathered in before judging on color, toe nails, tongue. And then, they can even change again after their first molt. You can judge on quality of black skin and eye color at chick age.

The quest for the perfect bird is a passion we have that some might even say is unattainable, but yet we keep striving.

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