Ayam Cemani Baby Chicks (Qty 6 $100 each)

  • $600.00

  • 6 chick minimum order ($100 each)
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  • NPIP Certified
  • Ship Nationwide (Continental US only)

Buying rare breed chicks from specialty breeders is not like purchasing from large, high-volume hatcheries. This is because we are a micro farm that specializes in one breed and your chicks are "made to order" (for lack of a better term).

We will begin collecting your eggs once the order is placed. This can take anywhere from 3-10 days, depending on the number of ayam cemani chicks you order and how many of our breeding trios are laying at the time. We will send you an email to notify you once your eggs are set in the incubator and again after they have hatched and are heading to the post office.

There is a minimum 6 chick order requirement. We will not ship any less than 6 ayam cemani chicks because it is not healthy or safe for the baby chicks. Because they have down and not feathers at this age, they need each other’s body heat to stay warm on their trip.

Unlike other breeders, we ship USPS Overnight (not just Priority) and the cost of shipping is included in your total price so there are no $50+ surprise shipping fees added to your chick order. Gypsy Shoals Farm works closely with customers and the USPS to coordinate chick deliveries, ensuring they arrive within a 72-hour window and that the customer is available to pick them up at a designated arrival time. Your chicks will be inspected for obvious flaws and general health, then comfortably placed in a box specifically designed for their safe journey to your home! 

Interesting fact: Before hatching out of the egg, baby chicks ingest the yolk and it fills their stomach with the vital nutrition and energy they need to bust out into the world and survive another few days on their journey to your home. So, there's something to be said for eating a big breakfast!

And speaking of breakfast- did you know that the best thing you can feed your baby chicks when they arrive is scrambled eggs? It is! Although it may seem slightly cannibalistic to humans; scrambled eggs provide the same perfect nutrition as the yolk they ingested just before hatching. Scrambled eggs are packed with all things good for baby chicks.

​There is ALOT of mis-information about the ayam cemani breed on the internet, so we like to make sure people get the right information here. The Ayam Cemani is a very rare and exotic poultry breed from Indonesia, considered magical in their culture. They are extremely rare in the US because of the strict US regulations on imported birds.

Ayam cemanis are all black. This includes their skin, meat and even their internal organs are black.  This is caused by a genetic mutation, called fibromelanosis, that the Ayam Cemani breed of poultry possess. However, contrary to what you may read on the internet- ayam cemanis do not lay black eggs and they do not have black blood.

Our Ayam Cemani breeding stock is unlike any other here in the US because we’ve done things a little differently at Gypsy Shoals Farm. As a micro farm, we really wanted to breed for the highest quality, not just to make a quick buck. As a result of much research, we diligently sought and procured two entirely different 100% pure ayam cemani bloodlines to be the foundation of our breeding program.

We carefully evaluate and select offspring for inclusion in our breeding programs based on the guidelines of the Ayam Cemani Breeders Association. This is an expensive and time-consuming series of steps aimed at establishing and then improving this most exotic poultry breed.

In procuring two entirely different bloodlines, we are able to focus on lifting up the best qualities in each bloodline and eliminate any less desirable traits in our ayam cemani program. The adult ayam cemanis that qualify into our breeding program must meet strict standards. We adhere to the Ayam Cemani Breeders Association guidelines for the Standard of Perfection as well as the ACBA’s Code of Ethics.

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