Hand Painted Slate Coaster Set | Multi Color | Square

  • $34.85

These hand painted boho chic slate coasters are full of vibrant blue and turquoise rich color swirls and mesmerizing patterns. The slate coasters are each a high quality (good weight!!) 4 inches in diameter and have felt pads on the bottom to protect your furniture. One of a kind art for your coffee table. Great conversation starters.

Once my paintings have thoroughly dried, each slate coaster is sealed with three coats of polyacrylic for a long life of use and enjoyment in your interior design space. This also adds additional strength and sturdiness to the stone coaster itself.

Each set includes four hand painted slate coasters (as pictured). Each stone coaster in the set is poured from the same project, but each is interestingly unique because of the paint pouring method that I use. This makes each one a one of a kind hand painted piece that is full of curious twists, turns, swirls and shades.

A truly one of a kind housewarming gift.

These are shipped PRIORITY MAIL so you'll get them fast and safe.

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