Poultry Care Supplies & Essentials | Breeding, Brooding and Caring

These are products that we use and love in our ayam cemani hatchery as well as, caring for our family egg layer flock. Having owned chickens for a very long time, we've learned through trial and error, what works best in the chicken yard, breeding pens, hatching room and grow out coops.

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We've been doing the "chicken thing" for over 10 years and we've tried alot of things that didn't work through that time.

We've put together a quick resource for our customers of the poutlry products we absolutely cannot live without.
As a frugal female financier, I can tell you that I've tried cheaper quality versions of some of these products, and they simply do not measure up.
Do your research and purchase high quality supplies, to avoid having to replace them in the near future.

It's worth noting, that we do not have a hose fed waterer recommended on this page, and this is for a reason. The Chicken Fountain® was HANDS DOWN THE BEST on the market. So much so, that this couple couldn't keep up with the demand and stopped making them. If you can get your hands on one- do so. If not- we're still waiting for another one to impress us, before we make any recommendations.